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Capstone Project Sites for Spring 2023…

A Day in the Life : Nautica Graddy & Flora Maxwell
American Education
: J Miller
Beautiful Chaos
: Taylor Lewis
Call Me Addicted
: Kayla Purcell
Cancel News Network
: De’Andra Jacobs & Cameron Sanders
Engineering Safety
: Nicholas Iachino
Finding Faith
: Chloe Screen & Peyton Pritchard
Hot Takes Pod
: Emily Trammel, Edward Etty, & Cynthia Stokes
In Too Deep
: Donovan Larkins
I See You
: Michael Krafka
More Than Music
: Jycobi Williams
My Early Twenties
: Bridget Barrera
: Mashawna Small
Save the World
: Earvin Green & Jaden Richardson
Smoking Gun
: Lewis Smith & Brianna West
Southern Charm
: William McCoy
Super Senior
: Brian Jennings, Heisham Heikal, & Seth-Collin Sheley
The Langdale Foundation
: Jamie Collins
The Master Photographer
: Georgia Reig, Garren Powell & Ethan Lowe
The Mike Helfer Story
: Josh Julian
The Tour That Hits Different
: Stephanie Leas
(Un)Serious Dive Into TikTok
: Caison Kirkland & Shawn Morris
We Might Even Be Falling in Love
: Didi Agedah & Chontele Abney